Our Philosophy

Altromondo means another world and symbolizes that the encounter with yoga means just that. We believe that with the beautiful tools of yoga we all can open up and discover our inner, sacred world.

At Altromondo we welcome all engaged yoga practitioners so we can gather and practice yoga for better health and feeling of well-being.

At Altromondo we do our best to help the student release the noise and stress of the daily life and step into another world. Our studios are created with relaxing colors, heated wooden floors, beautiful tiles, lovely yoga props and nourishing products in our shower and changing rooms. All to offer a space where the students can find peace and quiet, stimulation and outlet. Where we can feel at home and just be ourselves and let go of our facades. Where we can be at ease, enjoy, develop, relax.

Our vision is that our studios will be an oasis, a central point where students can meet and where new relationships can be created, a kind of "community" - in Sanskrit it is called "Kula".

We offer an interesting and broad schedule with experienced teachers and yoga classes in small groups. We also offer workshops, trainings and events to deepen our study and spiritual practice.

We also offer yoga retreats in both Sweden and abroad.

Our goal is to offer a yoga studio where so many of us as possible can dare to approach this spiritual form of exercise and discover that it has fantastic benefits for both body and soul.

My wish is that everyone will dare to try yoga. I have a own quote: ”The stiffer we are in mind and body the more value we get for the money and time we spend on practicing yoga”.

My mission:

From the beginning, yoga was a tool for me to heal and feel better both mentally and physically. When I discovered the amazing benefits I got and that I saw many others found when they practiced yoga, I felt a strong drive to convey this knowledge and. began to study to become a yoga teacher.
After several years of study and work, I saw the need to create a place where dedicated yoga practitioners could get a common scene. I opened the first Altromondo yoga studio in Italy which I ran for six years.

When I moved back to Stockholm in 2012, I experienced a great interest in a more personal
yoga studio with the opportunity to practice yoga in small groups.

Jennie Liljefors owner and founder.